Managing Your Money

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Bank Accounts

Managing your money is important, and if you learn the basics early on, you will build habits for a successful future. One key to managing money is to have a bank account.


As you gain more financial freedom, it’s a good idea to think about savings. Setting a little money aside can help you to go on that vacation, buy your first car, or set yourself up for whatever your future may bring.


Managing your money isn’t hard – if you know how! Budgeting allows you to keep track of your money, prepare for unexpected costs, save money for the future, and help you to form good spending habits.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is one method your employer may offer to pay you. Direct deposit is when your pay is electronically deposited directly into your bank account by your employer.

Participant Site

To get the most out of your SYEP experience we recommend you login and use the Participant Site. The Participant Site is a website that provides information about your pay, Provider and worksite.

Payroll Taxes

It’s important that you get to know payroll taxes and how they impact your earnings. Payroll taxes must be withheld from an employee’s paycheck by law, and every worker in the USA is subject to payroll taxes.

W-2 and Taxes

As you enter the working world, there’s one word that you’ll likely come across a lot: taxes. As an employee, the W-2 form and taxes are two things that you won’t be able to avoid, so it’s worth getting to know the way taxes work.

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