Direct Deposit

Getting paid becomes quick and easy when you sign up for direct deposit. It’s reliable, safe, and convenient.

What is it?

Direct Deposit is the direct payment of your payroll funds into your bank account. If you sign up for Direct Deposit, you will be paid directly into your bank account on each pay date. Direct Deposit helps you keep more of what you earn. By opening a bank account, you can take advantage of free services such as ATM access within network, and not incur ATM fees.

How do you sign up?

You can choose to sign up for Direct Deposit through the participant site! Select the “Direct Deposit” tab and enter the name of the bank, the 9-digit ABA Routing Number, your Bank Account Number, and the Account Type (Checking or Savings). If you don’t know your bank’s routing number, give them a call and ask for it!

Download this PDF for complete instructions on how to sign up for Direct Deposit.

How do I get to the participant site?

To learn more about the participant site and how to register for it, click here. If you are ready to register now, click here.

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